The cross-space installation »Intensivsimulation« is to be understood as a continuation of the since 2020 ongoing research »Deutscher Urlab 2.0« (German Holiday) around the latent exoticisation of the German artificial turf. Unlike in most European countries, artificial grass carpets are often sold in German DIY and hardware stores with the names of paradisiacal islands such as Antigua, Bahamas, Bali, Capri, Corfu, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, La Gomera, Mallorca, Malta, Santorini and Sumatra. These nomenclatural retouchings of the goods are aimed at marketing the longing for dreamy holiday destinations and represent a surrogate for heavenly places. Yet what happens when a square meter of »Mallorca« artificial grass is more expensive than a direct flight from Hamburg to Mallorca itself? Based on the marketing strategies of artificial turf in German-speaking countries, the project »Deutscher Urlaub 2.0« raises questions about mass tourism, (simulated) ownership and ecology. In the process, a speculative space is created in which artificial grass carpets are observed and examined like green screens — green projection surfaces of postcolonial thinking.

The installation »Intensivsimulation« consists of a physical and digital counterpart.

PHYSICAL: Visitors are invited to enter the intensive-care-simulations »La Gomera« and »Capri« as inpatient-tourists. By means of visual as well as auditory elements, a temporally as well as spatially condensed vacation is created in the form of an immersive, artificial space, which references characteristic design components of a beach holiday, an airplane and an emergency room and combines them in a semiotic interplay. Hospital stretchers and sun loungers are surprisingly similar in their fundamental design. IV poles resemble parasols with the top part being removed. The aircraft belt in this specific ensemble is also reminiscent of fastening straps for operating tables. Illegally downloaded audio tracks and 360-degree photos from Google Maps function here as a counterpart to the holiday locations embodied by the respective artificial turf carpets. Together, they form a verbal and spatial glitch installation.

DIGITAL Thanks to an online memory game, inpatient-tourists can distract themselves during the treatment. Here, however, there are no pairs of identical cards. Instead, the pairs are each made up of two different representations of the same holiday destinations. Based on the erroneous naming process of the goods promoted by German DIY stores, the flat artificial grass carpet is to be matched here to unwrapped 360-degree Google photos of the respective exotic island.

Play the online game here <3

Exhibitions: Deutscher Urlaub; KDK der Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (DE)

Simulacrum 24/7; Frappant Galerie, Hamburg (DE)

DIY / Open Source »Intensivsimulation«

The installations »Intensivsimulation Capri« and »Intensivsimulation La Gomera« consist of the following elements:

RESEARCH: have a look at the research here

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Intsensivsimulation La Gomera + Capri Installation + Online Memory Game 2022