After all, what is the difference between tapping, typing and tickling, or scrolling, zooming in and out, swiping and caressing? »mobile intimacy« celebrates the bodily intimacy with our smartphones, raising questions about the semiotics of intimacy in the Digital Age. Rarely out of sight or mind, our smartphones are surely inseparable companions in our life. Not only do we sleep close to them, eat with them, and carry them around all day, but they also promise us that we will no longer feel alone, ignored, bored, ignorant, lost, or unloved. They are the first thing we touch in the morning and the last thing we touch before going to bed.

»mobile intimacy« attempts to identify the polished screens of our smartphones as a surface/source of pleasure resulting from the encounter of the human body with that of our phones. The way we tap, type, scroll, zoom in and out and swipe is reminiscent of acts of bodily intimacy such as tickling, caressing or petting if we were to perform them on a human/animal counterpart instead of on our smartphones. »mobile intimacy« aims to give due respect to this swift but feverish intimacy we share with our beloved technocompanions several times a day. In this speculative experiment, whenever one feels the need to use their smartphones, they must first completely undress so as to conform to the usual (semi-)nudity of our phones, therefore to explicitly manifest and celebrate the intimacy we share with our dear smartphones.

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mobile intimacy