Scars are tangible signs of the traces we left in places we lived, worked and travelled.

Scars are tangible signs of the traces places we lived, worked and travelled in left on us.

Our body as a geographical archive that changes and evolve through the scars that appear and disappear throughout our life.

Still visible scars+wounds (when a wound disappear, does the trace of that correlated memory disappear?)

—Belly Button (Birth), 30.07.1998, Savigliano (IT)

—Undescended testicle (Surgery), 2008, Torino (IT)

—Elbow (stress related psoriasis), 2017, Dublin (IE)

—Knees (stress related psoriasis), 2021, Hamburg (DE)

—Blisters on foot (new Birkenstock sandals), 2021, Jerusalem (IL)

—Papilloma Virus (Surgery), 2022, Hamburg (DE)

—Tonsillectomy (Surgery), 2022, Hamburg (DE)

»Anatomy of a scared body« attempts to (re)build a body through traces of painful experiences in chronological order. Last Update July 2022.

The 3d Models of the wounds are related to their temporal and spatial situation so to created a glitched map of pain. The song »I'll be needing stitches« by Shawn Mendes is here distorted and incorporated to the sound of an intensive care station unit and radio signal. The wound is the memory of the body, the memory of its fragility, its pain, and therefore the certainty of its existence.

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