The controversial Bismarck Monument in Hamburg is currently being renovated for nine million euros. »Sanatorium« is an etymological research and a speculative and activist intervention dealing with Bismarck colonial policy.In the Renaissance, the newly found Greco-Roman statues were polished and cleaned so that in the end none of the original traces of colour could be seen. Taking as example the »Apollo del Belvedere«, the art historian and archaeologist Johann Joachim Wickelmann promoted a new canon of art in which »the whiter a beautiful body is, the more beautiful it becomes«.

The renovation works on the Bismarck Monument in Hamburg becomes a performative act. The users can decide whether they want to participate in the restoration or not. The granite - of which the monument is made - is cleaned and polished until it deforms, becomes thin and collapses. The attempt to restore Bismarck’s body to its original white beauty fails and the monument becomes a shining and shimmering memento.

Together, we decide wether to bring Bismarck’s white beauty back or not.

Exhibitions: The danger of a single story; online exhibition curated by Aram Bartholl
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